By now, I’m sure a lot of you have seen this post going around where someone points out that the Hot Topic exclusive Homestuck shirt features white-washing where darker skin was depicted in the original art.

However, that post had a million different trains, and the OP wasn’t the one to point it out, so about half the people reblogging it have no idea that the original art was altered.

Even some of those who have seen the evidence are blaming things like lighting, filters, or printing restrictions for the altered design. All of that is bullshit, and I’ll show you why.

For your comparison, this is the original:

(screenshot of this)

And here are some photos I grabbed from Instagram:





As you can see, in each of these, John’s skin tone is much lighter than in the original submitted to the contest. This can only have been done deliberately, and what do we call the deliberate lightening of skin? White-washing!

As I said above, some people are of the opinion that is could have been done for any number of reasons, but it’s plain to see that it’s was done specifically so that each human character would appear white. Why is this obvious?

  • The only other colour changes are the colour of shirt it’s printed on, so it can’t be a ‘printing restriction’ based on colour
  • These images all have different lighting/angles and were all taken by different people
  • Different or no filters have been applied, yet John’s skin is still visibly paler in comparison to everything else than it was in the original

This art was altered with purpose, there’s no two ways about it.

So what can we do?

Don’t stay ignorant. Get mad, and stay mad. Reblog this post. Contact Hot Topic and What Pumpkin to point out what this is and why it’s wrong. Tell everyone you know about how gross it is that this has happened.

what the fuck, hot topic

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Anonymous asked:
To that Anon: Pretty sure it's not white-washing. It might just be a combination of external lighting (camera flash, the store's lights, a bald man's head reflecting the sun) and the Instagram filter used. We'll need a less crappy picture before making any online petitions.

i was wondering that too. but who knows! i’ll be visiting Hot Topic tomorrow and bring one home myself so i can take a look at it.

Anonymous asked:
For a while, I was sort of in the middle about you making merch like the dakis despite Hussie not wanting stuff like that out and about, but I learned that they white washed an artist's design that they gave to Hot Topic to make shirts out of. So fuck 'em, if WhatPumpkin is willing to break a promise of making an effort for diverse racial representation again and again and then making the excuse of "BUT WE'RE TRYYYYING" then you go right and ahead and keep doing what you do.

Wow thanks anon! i appreciate your words <3

AND ALSO WHAT THE HECK IS THIS TRUE??? i did not know this!