Anonymous asked:
Most likely the artist that copied from you (and various artist) needed a base and probably wanted to start somewhere (most likely an amateur artist). Which is, though understandable, does not justify not crediting said artists.

Using art as a base, even if credited, is looked down on in the art community for as long as I can remember. It’s seen as lazy and it is something only amateurs would do. Even back when I was a 12 year old on deviantfart it was not an okay thing to do.

I’m definitely not throwing a fit, because it’s a shitty drawing. it’s just really discouraging to see people being lazy and disrespectful to artists.

EDIT: by shitty I meant MY SHITTY OLD DRAWING. lol I’m not rude!!!!

also in case you guys missed the joke, that artist traced my jade pic lmao. i looked through their blog and it looks like they ripped off other artists as well.


Hello, people!

Sorry for the long absence. I have quite some stuff in store, but for now let’s kick the new season off with a long-promised raunchy portrait of Dallas's troll OC Felida, from his ongoing Mindfang Journals series of ancestor drama smutfic (check it out if you have a couple years to spare, it’s good stuff).

I left the cleaning intentionally unfinished in some of the areas both for added texture (especially on the metal bits) and because rough and dirty is just the way she is.

More to come soon!

(Sorry about the repost, the original upload was glitching all over the place)

  #NSFW