that and some of you wimps can’t handle my sassy ass so instead of sending me asks that i should just go back to the kitchen and draw, just go to my goddamn soup kitchen.

(i’ll post what i’m referring to later)

to be honest, i like the fact that doesn’t allow to directly reblog and post commentary. people tend to abuse this shit by adding “yes daddy likes  that………” and their shitty self masturbatory commentary on my art.

it pretty much just lowers interaction as much as possible, heck you can’t even directly repost text from others and add your own commetary. so in a way you’re protected from all this text mumbo jumbo on tumblr and can focus more on the art.

anyway, hopefully will let my content stick around because i really like the whole format of the site to be honest.

Anonymous asked:
This may sound a bit dumb, but what is this soup thing? I've looked at it and it just sorta seems like an extension of tumblr and possibly some other things. Is it just a way to connect all your sites that you post on or am I missing the point?

Tumblr deleted a bunch of my bestiality pics and someone reported a good deal of my futanari drawings because they have homestuck kids and assumed that they’re minors.